Wednesday, May 27, 2009

120 Manly Eye Pallette

NOTE: Captions for each picture are UNDER it (:
Package it came in!

Packaging...haha Manly..I think it's Chinese Pinyin for like "Magnificent" x)the back...
the back...ZOOMED They also advertise the other available pallettes! And they look amazing! Take a look at the last one!
Hello there! One con...the tape which held the pallette together so that the eyeshadows wouldn't break left a sticky residue on the container ): But That can easily be fixed!

As you can see..there is not a mirror in there nor is there a brush. It's just a container which holds two slim pallettes. The pallettes are stacked on top of another.

OH MAN, look at those colors in the last column! They remind me of planets (: This pallette is really pretty! The colors are so exuberent!

Can't wait to test this one out! I think I'd be using this one more so than the other just cause the neutrals are in this one.
Trying to give you guys are idea on just how slim these guys are (:

Neutrals! ugh sorry about that disgusting pimple over there! I don't like covering them up because it clogs and it's all gross..yuck. But yeah! It's due to the stress over finals..

I was really happy when I applied this color because it reminded me of the Nars' Tropic color except with more of a purple to it. Haha, Now I don't have to spend 22 dollors on a single eyeshadow!!

all taken by my lovely DSC-T90<3 face="Arial">

If you guys watch manwomanfilm's videos on youtube, you will notice that this pallette is ASTOUNDINGly like hers! I'm guessing they're identical because her second pallette containing the pinks also has a purple tab like mine!
I ABSOLUTELY can't wait till summer comes! (Starts on the 11th for me! cause I have many 'dates' to attend! :P) so that I can FINALLY really get to know and play with this pallette! I don't think I'll ever buy another eyeshadow for the rest of my life!

FYI: I got this pallette on ebay! It was 5 dollars! But then after I bought mine to check how much it went up to 20 D: I'm guessing I was just lucky on this one. But goodluck finding it!

I never really liked 'glittery or shimmery colors; I went for mattes. But then! I saw that GORGEOUS purpley glittery color and I fell in LOVE with it! Like the glitters aren't even chunky! Which is surprising coming from such a lowpriced palette!
Stay tuned on to my channel for the video review of this! PS: I didn't take long for it to arrive either! Like...4-5 business days!

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  1. hey there dear. :)
    lucky you for having such pretty palette.
    anyways, from which seller did you buy it?