Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Are you going on vacation outside of the US?...

Cause if you are..well then you obviously need some sort of gadget to keep you on the go with charging your electronics! Ex: Cameras, hairtools (straighteners, curlers, irons), cellphones, iPods (mp3's), navigation systems, portable/nonportable gaming systems, computers, & anything else that needs to be charged/plugged in to the wall/plug outlet!
My plug gadget is from a brand called 'Travel Smart'. I'm not entirely sure where I got this from because my dad gave this to me when I went to China a few years ago. Let me tell you...I bring a whole bunch of electronics on vacation because I cannot live w/o them! ESPECIALLY if I'm out of the country! The last time I went out of the country was about 3 years ago (I'll be going out again in about 2 years :D..more on that later!) and we had gotten our cousin in Guangzhou (city in Canton, China) a Gateway laptop and we wanted to charge it up so that we could set up everything for her. I brought along a power charger for US line can charge up to 4 different things at a basically 4 open outlets for you to charge things.
You will see what I mean in my video (:
Perhaps you can find something similar on ebay? I'm not too sure...sorry on that part. But I know that if you are one to travel so very often or are very nomadic, you will need something like this!
People who travel often should travel with:
People who travel often should NOT travel with multiple adapters like these:
So yup! I hope this helped for those of you who were looking for items like this one! (:
Till next time!xoxo
PS: Wanna see the video?? Visit my channel: Title of vid: 'Are you traveling somewhere outside of the US this summer?'

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