Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MAJOR Purebeauty/Ebay (to be continued) HAUL

I have gone crazy! I think...(: I've done soooo much damage on my cardd. Okay! So anyways---just an update blog on what I've bought & What I'm getting in the mail...soon. *All ebay products have no pictures included because they are coming through the mail as we speak!

NOTE TO ALL MY SUBSRIBERS**: I will make a video of this as soon as everything comes in & I get everything listed (: So stay tuned!! I'll put a twitter post of when my video is up and running!
1) 2 oz. CHI Silk Infusion 14.95 I WAS SOOO RIPPED OFF! But I love it! It was the last one...and I went ahead and ordered a 12 oz (HUGE) for 19.99 on ebay! FREE shipping!!

2) 1.7 fl oz Joico K-Pak Reconstruct Shampoo & Conditioner 3.95/ea (a JuicyStar07 inspired buy) Picture is shown up there ^

3) Not reallly a purchase but with every full priced purchase; you get an airplane approved CHI set which includes a 2fl oz Infra Treathment (conditioner), a 2fl oz Infra Shampoo, a 2fl oz Silk Infusion, & a 2 fl oz 44 Iron Guard
picture is up there ^
4) OPI's We Will Always Have Paris, Banana Bandanna (a MakeupbyTiffanyD inspired buy), & Sephora by OPI's Metro Chic (a lollipop26 inspired buy) 1st pic: with flash, 2nd pic no flash 3rd pic trying to show names..with flash

5) Going to pick up a full size CHI 44 Iron Guard--it's on sale! for around 9 dollars! 5 dollar discount !

1) Haha...I love the Joico K-Pak sooo much, I went ahead and ordered a 2pc set; 1 1L Shampoo & 1 1L Conditioner. for 29.99! plus like..11.99 shipping
2) CHI Silk Infusion...told you about this up there ^
3) CHI's Nano Digital in Blue. Retails for like >$200...ridiculous. Got it for 79.88 or something like that for DoCurls.com but on ebay! Go check it out. I had to pay for shipping too ): so dont' get too excited!
4) I'm getting a new phone this summer; and I have an idea of what I want (REALLY BAD) Can't say which one because I don't wanna spoil the surprise (x YET. But I'll show you guys as soon as I get it. hint* I'm getting it LATE August.
5) So in order for me to listen to music or w/e on that phone, I need to have a 2.5 mm earphone set..which I don't have...I have the standard one for iPods which is 3.5 mm. No can do. So I bought a 'jack' for it to adapt 1.69 FREE SHIPPING! and got some matching 'in-ear' headphones for 4.49 GBP (Great Britain Pound) ahha..first time ever to order something from Great Britain.
6) Don't you hate it when you have to use the airplane provided headphones just to watch movies, listen to music, & play games?? I do! So I also got a airplane headphone jack for 3.5 mm headphones (standard) haha 3.98/ea free shipping! lol...I'm a bargainer when it comes to shipping fares cause I dislike them (:
7) MOST EXCITED ABOUT* I have always L O V E D customized little anythings lol like EVERYTHING with my name on it cause it's SOO you haha. I don't know. I just have a thing for those. So I searched up like 'cell phone link charms' or w/e on ebay...but no avail---those charms didn't look nice. So I googled it and found a site called: http://www.addalinkofcharm.com/ and each letter is 2.98/ea and you obviously need a strap to hold the letters! So I got a pink strap (SOO cute!) which has a little danglinging heart to keep the charms from fallling out. that is also 2.98/ea. I wanted a black one..but my phone is already black so I wanted something to pop! And Pink is one of my fave colors so yeah. If you are interested in ordering from this site and you actually do! Receive 20% off your entire purchase using the code : happyforme ---this code is especially for 4th of July so I was lucky (:

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