Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gel Nails/Threading experience

I got my nails done today!! Gel nails! (: They're MUCH more comfy than drugstore acrylics/falsies. It was quite the experience cause well I don't even know how to explain it! I went with my friend, Amanda, and we just decided to try out this new spa, Jolie!, on ocean ave. The interior design was lovely! The lady was so cute (: . She was soo patient cause I messed up my thumb on my right hand TWICE..So the last time--she applied some OPI Quick Dry Drops :D I purchased from her the OPI Hey! Get in Lime. It's GORGEOUSS. & then I headed over to the mall, and decided to get my upper lip (aka 'Mustache' ?) threaded at one of those kiosks. It didn't hurt!! I just wish I knew what she applied to my skin after she threaded cause...I got hives. Not a lot. But just enough to look like I had some infectious disease. My hives disappeared after like 15 minutes. Which is good. I heard that that happens to a lot of people who thread for the first time. Is that true? Oh well. I'll post some pictures of my nails!

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