Thursday, June 11, 2009

NYX + more Haul !

I'm NOT sure how much ULTA/NYX charges for their NYX products...this is just how much the store I went retailed for their products..
Here are the swatches/pictures and names of the items I bought today:

1) from left to right..
i) NYX Girls Nail Polish in Azure, Candy Peach, Jordana Yellow Out Topcoat, Love Affair, & Crystal Glitter $1.99/ea

2) Beauty Treats All Over Blush 03 $1.99
swatch:3) NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors for Lips in Orange Soda 1.99
Swatch: so pretty! Super nude!

4) NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (VERY comparable to MAC shadesticks!, super pigmented, what you see is what you get) I think I got mine for 2.99 each haha there was a sign that said I couldn't try these on my skin...but how could i NOT try them ?!

5) NYX; Ultra Pearl Mania in Mocha Pearl (: (ALSO, very comparable to MAC's pigments! HighQuality pigmentation here!) I think that NYX's brand is very comparable to MAC's don't you? Except for the price that is...(: 1.99

6) Red Cherry Lashes in #412..I forget who always raves about these on Youtube..99 cents

7) Nabi Nail Lacquer 1.50/ea

ForwardPost: Sorry, I can't tell you the exact store where I purchased my haul because...well it's the only one of it's kind in my city. If I told you, that would just completely give it sorry!
Another thing; the striping brush is from a brand called 'Magic' and that was $.99/ea and the crystal nail file was like a dollar..i believe lol
This coming Tuesday..I am getting my earspierced :D along with my little sister. I'm excited!! and then on Wednesday I'm visiting my older sister and her boyfriend up at their college and along with his family! Can't wait to shop at their downtown district! Haha, I'll tell you more on that soon! Saturday..I'm getting my wisdom teeth looked at! :O
~Makeup Storage/Collection?
~Nail Polish Collection
~ABOUT ME lol...personal and makeup wise +anything else you guys request! Just post up a comment on any one of my videos!
PS: I tried out some of the NYX blushes...but they are quite chalky...):

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